Street fighter 4: Arena

Game description: Street fighter 4: Arena:

Street fighter 4: Arena – fight in an intense martial arts tournament. Choose from many heroes, each with a unique fighting style. Punch, kick, jump and throw, block enemy attacks and perform combo attacks to inflict more damage onto your enemy. In this Android game you will meet the heroes of the famous series of games again. Practice and fight players from around the world. Win fights and increase your rating. Face increasingly stronger opponents and become the best in the world.

Game features:

  • best selection and adherence of their viewing features breathtaking master league season with first!
  • In wandering through gwonwang, challenge mode that grow your skills!
  • Thrilling match-up mode with real-time network war!
  • Blow to challenge your friends to compete War proficient friend!

For Galaxy Note 1 model, smooth gameplay, it can be difficult.
User deurimyeo ask your patience, so that the game uses the hassles we will do our best.

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