Spy bunny

Game description: Spy bunny:

Spy bunny – help a funny pink rabbit to become a real spy. Conduct the rabbit through exciting secret missions. The grandfather of the rabbit, the main character of this Android game, suddenly disappeared. Grandfather was not just a rabbit, but a retired spy. Perhaps the dark past made itself felt? Help the rabbit uncover the mystery and find the missing grandfather! Use the rabbit’s incredible ability to jump and mask to avoid meeting monsters and villains. Look for secret keys and hack codes. Upgrade the rabbit.

Game features:

  • Three Level of difficulty : Newbie / Amateur / Professional
  • Easy control : Just drag & touch
  • Cute character
  • Fascinating plot
  • Entangled levels
  • 27 kinds of funny pets
  • 6 scenes of cartoon (basic five + one hidden scene)
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • Rank and achievements.

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