Durango: Wild Lands

Game description: Durango:

Durango: Wild Lands – tame dinosaurs and form a whole community to win and survive in the wild. The objective of the game is to preserve life. To do this learn crafts, construction, hunting, fishing, weapon manufacturing, and much more. But it’s difficult to cope with daily tasks alone. This is why you need to create tribes, unite with other players, tame dinosaurs, take part in battles, and, eventually capture more new areas.

Durango: Wild Lands Closed Beta Test is now available!

Join the world in advance to experience a massive sandbox open-world to explore, craft, build, battle, and more!

Game features:

  • Huge and beautiful world
  • great dinosaurs
  • gather better resources
  • Large-scale battles between tribes
  • Good controls
  • Modern graphics

Download game

Durango: Wild Lands for free


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